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trytype – experiments in typography

Imitation strongly encouraged! The results of the students’ “Experimental Typography” seminar were presented in a book – designed by the students themselves and published by Linotype Library, Bad Homburg. After a theoretical introduction to the historical development and significance of experimental typography, the theme of the seminar and the making of of the works were presented. Each piece is accompanied by playful instructions and documentation of the typeface used to inspire the community of readers to imitate, experiment with, and integrate experimental typography into their daily work.

Silver medal at the Printers Club Award by M-Real, 2005, Hamburg
Silber medal at the CCD competition „Kommunikation vernetzt“ 2005, Frankfurt am Main

Project: “trytype – experiments in typography”
Mergenthaler Edition Linotype Library, Bad Homburg
ISBN 3-9810-319-1-1

Authors: Professor Guido Ludes, Steffi W. Neukirchen
Contribution: Concept, design, creative direction
University: RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden
Cooperation partner: Linotype Library, Bad Homburg, Germany
Year: 2005