printed media teaching typography

Teaching: Typography

How do basic letterforms differ? What relationships arise, depending on their position in two-dimensional space? How can we promote and prevent legibility? How do “construction and deconstruction” affect basic letterforms? – These were simple research questions the students, began to work on in my typography class at RMIT Vietnam. By hand and on paper.

Within the second step, they used the results in their digital work to convey a strong message in a poster series. The topics were free to choose: human rights, social issues, health, environmental protection, …

Nguyen Chanh Minh’s interactive poster series is visualising recommendations of the “Ministry of Social Wellbeing”, but not without questioning them by adding a second layer that can be revealed on pressing a button.

Nguyen Thai Ha reminds us that we are responsible for saving endangered animals.

Le Hoang Minh Nhat introduces three attractions from his hometown in the Mekong Delta, using what he has identified as „Vietnamese Style“.

Tran Hanh Vy about confidence

Nguyen Ngoc Tra My about drug addiction

Hand made typography lab
The students worked with basic letterforms printed on paper, to explore their shape, relationships and experiment. The exercises built upon each other and each student submitted a second set of posters made by hand.

Exemplary results from different students.

Course: Typography
Contribution: Course design, teaching
Program: Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)
University: School of Communication & Design, RMIT Vietnam
Year: 2017