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Teaching: Design that matters 2

A Spanish foundation has been working successfully in rural regions of India for many years and is coming to Germany to generate donations here as well, in general and more specifically among a young target group. How can this work? In the summer semester of 2019, students from the master’s program in business communication supported Andrea Rudolph, executive director of the “Vicente Ferrer Foundation,” in this real world challenge. They developed strong, communication concepts and implemented them prototypically. Please find two excellent projects here.

Share + Fair = Shair

Excerpt from the concept: “We want to create Moments of Relevance by integrating the action of donating into the living environment of the target group. Young people should be picked up where they hang out, which is why we decided to get in touch with them on their smartphones, which they always have with them, and develop a donation app – which we call shair.”

Students: Linda Rosendräger, Luisa Sabrowski, Maximilian Tassi

Letters for Women

Excerpt from the concept: “With #lettersforwomen, we give the target group the opportunity to quite simply and literally set a sign for female empowerment, equal rights, as well as independence. We are creating a platform where donors can buy letters and use them to generate donations using a gamification approach.”

Every letter makes a difference, ..male Empowerment becomes FEmale Empowerment, ..dependence becomes INdependence and Empowerment becomes WOmen Empowerment – every letter gives an Indian woman a voice!

Students: Katja Galitschew, Plamena Maleva and Shirin Yazgan

Course: Media concept
Contribution: Course design, teaching
Program: Master of Business communication
University: HTW, Berlin
Year: 2019