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Supporting women in transition

Becoming visible is a process that goes far beyond the question of the right color or shape. Becoming visible is about focusing and committing, putting ideas into words, defining values, allowing yourself to have visions. This can be challenging, especially when the result is to be the basis for professional success. I accompany such processes with empathy and tact, support in gaining clarity and being proud of what is.

Katrin Neiss, Neiss Coaching
Contribution: Positioning, (re)branding, design

Kornelia Wulf, Souls Office
Contribution: Branding, design

Anne Lücking Mewald, Art therapy & painting classes
Contribution: Positioning, photography, design

Christiane Kiegeland, beziehungsweisen
Contribution: Positioning, branding

explore.define.grow, personal development for women
Contribution: Positioning, course design, design, photography

Year: 2019 – 2020, Berlin