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„Wer zu uns kommt, malt zuerst!“ – The Kunst.Schule.Rostock addresses people of all ages and has set itself the task of promoting creativity, imagination and artistic expression.

I was able to accompany the school during its reorganization, during the move to interim quarters while the old school building “Frieda 23” was being renovated, and also during the second move back. With each step, the communication became clearer and the processes, e.g. for course booking with the help of an online registration tool, became easier and more professional.


Strategic consulting, new branding and website
Content management system and registration tool
Various means of communication
The website was developed in collaboration with Tim Kellner, Rostock.

Contribution: Concept, design, creative direction
Client: Kunst.Schule.Rostock, Rostock
Year: 2011 – 2013