Why is the RITTER SPORT chocolate a square? Because it fits better in a sports jacket pocket. Whatever shape the chocolate has, I’ve never eaten so much of it as during the two-week photo shoot for the website … // Project: relaunch of the German brand website, development of an online strategy and (online) corporate design, product staging // Task: concept, design concept, creative direction // www.ritter-sport.de

This project was created during my time at Fork Unstable Media, Hamburg.

German brand website

12750132-02A_home 12750135-02B_home 12750148-03_familienunternehmen 12750151-05_produkte 12750152-06_produkte

With the relaunch of the German brand website, a new online strategy was developed: to build up a comprehensive information offer and a cohesive brand experience in several steps. The „RITTER SPORT Spirit“ (to experience the brand and the products in a playful way), honesty (Swabian Authenticity) and quality were identified as the major brand values. The new website is an homage to the square shaped chocolate, the colors of the products can be found in the navigation and teasers.

Product staging

12750181-15_produkt 12750194-17_produkt 12750228-18_produkt

For the relaunch, we developed a new kind of product staging: large tasty chocolate pieces in combination with the corresponding „best“ ingredients. The pictures that we shot for the website are now widely used.


12750283-10_gateway 12750289-11_RU_home 12750292-12_RU_home 12750294-13_RU_produkt 12750297-14_RU_produkt

Based on the German brand website, three language versions (English, Italian, Russian) were developed. // www.ritter-sport.com


Nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin

red dot for high design quality, red dot communication design award, Essen
Silver medal at the DDC competition Kommunikation vernetzt, Frankfurt am Main