8 x 4

„Sweat Yourself“ – People sweat when they have fun! We wanted young people to document this fun, to give them a more relaxed relationship with their bodies. // Pitch: Relaunch of the German brand website of 8 x 4 (Beiersdorf) // Task: concept, design concept, creative direction // Unfortunately we did not win it, but I still think that the idea was brilliant! We were early movers of #bodypositivity – but the brand was not ready for that.

This project was created during my time at Fork Unstable Media, Hamburg in collaboration with Marja Annecke, Berlin.


New packaging, new claim „Live your Style“, new website. Our task was to find a new strategy to talk to the target group of young people aged 16 and over, the generation „always on“.


Diverse hands-on opportunities and the idea of ​​the users designing something themselves were the focus of the new concept. Changing backgrounds made the site just as lively as the photo campaign with the motto „Sweat Yourself“.

Furthermore, each product was provided with an individual animation, inspired by the packaging and a merchandising product line – shirts with colorful „stains“ – was developed.