Teaching: Publication Design

Print is not dead – in this project students had the chance to explore publication design as a medium that provides diverse design possibilities, that satisfies human needs and nourishes our senses. A medium that can provide an immersive experience, like no other technology.

Furthermore they were asked to explore a concept for altering the publication with digital technology, such as Augmented Reality. The students took the chance to explore the medium, but also themselves: their cultural backgrounds, ideas that are close to their hearts, messages and experiences they want to share. Storytelling was an important part of the curriculum. For some, this was the first experience as an author, illustrator or both.

Task: course design, teaching
Bachelor of Design program at RMIT Vietnam, Saigon South Campus

A pile of books presented after the first course in January 2017

How to „go green“, live a more sustainable live, why not getting inspirations from ants? Giang Nguyen Ha gave a lot of recommendations and showed for example how to make your own paper from trash (January 2018).

Using her grandfather’s poems, Le Hoang Huong Nhi shows how to live a life to fullest, even in your late years: „Loving the salt & pepper life“.

„The method of Heaven & Earth to restore lost Qi“ is an inspiration for young people to mind traditional medicine. More images of Ta Quang Huy‘s book can be found on his Behance profile

Thinking about enhancing a printed matter with digital technology, Tran Nu Hoang Kim developed an Augmented Reality App showcasing mythical creatures of Native American culture for her book: „The realms of spirit“.

„Superstrings to the rescue“ is a scientific art book about string theory, a contemporary idea in theoretical physics. The book becomes Nguyen Ngoc Tuong Minh‘s personal aesthetic translation of the string theory language.

About the course
Besides teaching in classroom I provided some exciting opportunities for the students: an award funded by the RMIT Beanland library on campus. Clare O’Dwyer the Head of Library Services also offered their space for a showcase and cataloged the books in their permanent collection.

I invited Long Dang the founder of the Saigon Art book project and Giang Nguyen Hung, the designer of the latest book to talk about contemporary Vietnamese book design, we went on an excursions to an offset printing house and the Type Directors Club exhibition, organised by the German Goethe Institute in Ho Chi Minh City.

Visiting an offset printing house

Type Directors Club exhibition, organised by the Goethe Institute

More examples of student work: