Print is not dead

After running my publication design course twice at RMIT Vietnam, I decided to initiate a publication about publication design, more specifically a showcase of student work from 2017 and 2018 to proof that „Print is not dead“. The book will be published in March 2019.

Task: editor, author, concept & creative direction
The book is published by the School of Communication & Design
at RMIT Vietnam in March 2019 (ISBN: 978-1-922016-48-5).

„I used to leave books in my motorbike trunk. But now, since I partly understand how much love writers and designers put into, I hold, open and read them with all my respect. Gaining knowledge in a course is its obvious goal. But changing attitudes towards things around is definitely not something many courses can achieve.“

Nguyen Ha Giang, student & book award winner 2018