Mercedes Benz

In 2004 and 2005, I designed various web specials for Mercedes Benz and I was responsible for the maintenance and further development of their international brand website. // Projects: e.g. web special for „NAIAS Detroit 2004“; web special accompanying the construction of the „Mercedes Benz Welt“ in Stuttgart 2004; MB Mixed Tape; maintenance and further development of the Mercedes Benz corporate website (2004 bis 2005) // Task: concept, design, development of interaction guide lines

This project was created during my time at Scholz&Volkmer, Wiesbaden.

NAIAS Detroit 2004




Web special for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2004 within which the product highlights of the booth should be presented: the Vision Grand Sports Tourer and the SLR McLaren.

Mercedes Benz Welt




Web special accompagnying the construction of the „Mercedes-Benz Welt“ in Stuttgart, which documented the progress: a comparison bbetween the current state (webcam) and the vision (3D rendering) was possible due to a „virtuality controller“.

Shortlist at the 52nd Cyber Lions in Cannes, 2005


Regular updates of the international brand website, development of branded interaction elements (e.g. video player module) and documentation within the interaction guide lines.