Print is not dead

After running my publication design course twice at RMIT Vietnam, I decided to initiate a publication about publication design, more specifically a showcase of student work from 2017 and 2018 to proof that „Print is not dead“. The book will be published in March 2019.

Teaching: „Design that Matters“

„Design that Matters“ was the title of a design course I held in the Masters Program of Business Communication at the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. With Design Thinking techniques we focussed on finding innovative answers to questions raised by current social issues.

Signs of Saigon

Signs of Saigon is documenting and investigating on urban typography in Saigon and beyond. When working at RMIT Vietnam, Saigon South Campus, I had the chance to turn my passion into an academic research project, focussing on the „visual identity of the city“.

Teaching: Publication Design

Print is not dead – in this project students had the chance to explore publication design as a medium that provides diverse design possibilities, that satisfies human needs and nourishes our senses. A medium that can provide an immersive experience, like no other technology.

Teaching: Interactive Media

From basic programming skills to information architecture, from creating a navigation concept to user experience design, from responsive webdesign to mobile applications.

Teaching: Typography

Starting with exploring basic letterforms, their relationships, space and positioning, readability, construction and deconstruction – this was the base of the typography class I ran at RMIT Vietnam.

International German School

The International German School Ho Chi Minh City (IGS) is an inter-cultural place of learning and is open to children of all nationalities – this is the new positioning with which the IGS now presents itself on the market.

Vietnamese German Charity Run

Running for a good cause! The German Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City annually organises a „Vietnamese German Charity Run“ to raise money for a pre-defined project. This year the event got a professional appearance: logo, flyer and stand ensure recognition in 2016.

Saigonese Urban Typography

Saigon is a mega city with probably 10 million people, the economic center of a socialist republic with a capitalist market economy, formerly French colonialised. Saigon is a city of contrasts, a city with a moving history, a city on the way to a cutting-edge… Read more


„Wer zu uns kommt, malt zuerst!“ – The Kunst.Schule.Rostock addresses people of all ages and has set itself the task of promoting creativity, imagination and artistic expression.

The Young ClassX

„Nur gute Noten!“ – The Young Classx is a Hamburg-wide music project for the promotion of socially disadvantaged young people, initiated by the Otto Group and the Ensemble Salut Salon. // Project: development of the website, social community for the young participants 


Strawberry Yogurt, Alpine Milk or Full Nut Friend? Everyone can decide. Everyone can be part of it. // Project: relaunch of the campaign website, entertainment platform containing a realtime multiplayer browser game QLIK,